My Astro Library

My list of resources for learning more about astronomy. Remember you don't need to buy them all, or even any of them! Try your local library instead (Buffalo & Erie County Public Libraries).

For clarity, books are linked to their Amazon listing (no referrer code) when available.

Observational Astronomy

Bryan, E. H., et al. Stars over Hawaii. Petroglyph Press, 2015 (3rd edition).

Relevant Math and Programming

Meeus, Jean. Astronomical Algorithms. Willmann-Bell, 1991 (1st edition) or 1998 (2nd edition).





Programs are free and support Linux, macOS, and Windows unless otherwise indicated.

Mobile apps are free unless otherwise indicated.

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Source: Top image is a composite build from: skyboxcreative's Constellations Vector Set, DesignCut's Astronomy Vintage Vectors, and Erin Fletcher's Flag Book post