OTAN Trolphabet

In honor of Inauguration Day, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you just want to confuse the s#!+ out of someone or blow off some steam, look no further than the Trolphabet:

A as in Are
* If used in a word that also has the letter "I", you may want to use both "A as in Aisle" and "I as in Isle".

B as in Bhróg

C as in Cue
*C as in Czar would also work well, especially in a word with the letter "T".

D as in Dzo

E as in Eye

F as in Faroe (Islands)

G as in Gneiss
* Genes or Gnocchi also work well.

H as in Heir

I as in Isle

J as in Jalapeño

K as in Koch

L as in Fifty

M as in Mnemonic

N as in Nock

O as in Oedipal

P as in Pterodactyl

Q as in Quay

R as in Rath

S as in Sea

T as in Tsar

U as in Uakari

V as in Five

W as in Why

X as in Ten

Y as in You

Z as in Zhou

Trump Troll

Image Source: How Donald Trump Is An IRL Internet Troll